Don't compare other peoples highs with your lows | Christina Baier

Don’t compare other peoples highs with your lows. Neither online nor offline.

We all fight our own battles.
We all face our own devils.
And you never know what’s going on under the surface until somebody really opens up and shares not only the peak moments of his live but also the struggle, the challenges, the messiness.

I am not a friend of healing in public but I am really transparent with my private clients about what’s going on in my own life – as far as it serves them.
And I share a lot publicly after I’ve killed a devil.
It’s part of my messaging. Part of my writing. 
I never plan this shit. And I never edit, cut off or shrink what needs to come through. The message is the message. No matter how raw, confronting or vulnerable this might be. I never know how it turns out before – and often times I have no idea what I have written when I am done. I have to re-read my stuff to know AFTER I have posted it. So that my ego has no chance to talk me out of publishing it.

It’s never about the messenger. It’s never about the artist. It’s never about the creator. But it’s all about giving birth to the art, the message.

As a creator you have experienced it a thousand times yourself, I bet. You feel the urge to create. The pull to get in that flow state… leaving time and space behind you. Leaving your human body and accsessing the energetic realm. And if you try to hold it back for too long you get nervous AF. If you don’t open the gates to let creativity float the tanks soon enough you become not a good fit for any kind of socialising.

I guess therefore some say creatives are kinda weird I get they don’t get it.
It takes one to know one.
That’s why it is so important to surround yourself with people who need no explanation about what you are here for and what you are going through sometimes. Yes, the struggle is real. We all know. Although we forget it from time to time.

Don’t compare your lows with the highs of others.
Neither online nor offline.
Find your soul tribe. Connect on the deepest possible level. Share your heart. Be bold to be seen. Let the message be the message.
Enjoy the ride And don’t forget

Life is too short to be boring!