Here's to the messengers, channels, artists, creators | Christina Baier
Here’s to the messengers, channels, artists, creators…
Dont let your ego get in the way.
Step back and let the message be the message,
the art be the art, the work be the work.

As a channel, as a medium, as a messenger, as a creator, as an artist… You need to learn how to take your ego out of the game to be able to fully deliver the message, your art, your work.
The only way to fully deliver your dream is to remember who you truly are.
There is no other way of being successful for you than your very own way of being and doing all the things.
You trying to copy someone elses being & doing will lead you nowhere but it will kill you inside.

So much pain you put yourself through.
So much drama you create for yourself.
So much darkness you put yourself through.
Same with questionning and doubting yourself again and again. Taking yourself out of the game by not following your soul, not following your intuition.
Hiding and holding yourself back.
Not going all in.
Not leaning into your own vision.
Dancing on the edges of the cliffs inside.
With bloody feets.
Instead of choosing trust.
Instead of spreading your wings and
taking the big leap.
Looking for guaranty.
Trying to avoid risks… or minimize them.

Coming forever and ever from a place of not enoughness.
Cultivating a scarecity mindset even if you’re experiencing abundance.
Doing everything „in order to“…
Creating…. in order to be seen and heard and loved.
Posting… in order to get likes.
Sharing free content …. in order to launch.
Celebrating success stories… in order to impress others.
Investing money… in order to recreate it back.
Building a thriving business around your message… in order to live your dream lifestyle.
It’s not about the likes, the followers, the money, the lifestyle. It is even not about the impact you wanna make.
Though it’s nothing wrong with all of the above!

But if you arent aligned to your vision, your mission, your art, your soul work…. its oh so easy to NOT be in the now.
A conscious living as an artist, a creator, a messenger is all about….
You sharing the message.
You being the channel for what needs to be said.
You creating space for the message to be unfold and the art to be created. Guided by the divine spirit instead of limited by ego.
AND… it’s not even about you being and doing all of that.
In the end it’s all about the art,
the message itself.
And that’s it.

Your willingness to surrender,
your commitment to always aligning
to your message and speaking your truth is
the requirement for being able to
making an impact,
leaving a legacy
and creating prosperity in ALL areas of your life.
The only way for you to live your purpose, stay healthy and become the very best version of yourself
is to live from inside out.

The soul of an artist is often misunderstood.
Most of the common tools, methods, systems and strategies simply dont work for us.
You’re an artist.
A creator in creation.
A channel.
A messenger.
A healer.
A leader.
You may feel alone sometimes.
But you are not lonely.
I see you.
I hear you.
I feel you.

And I love you.