How you create the world you want to live in | Christina Baier

You create the world you want to live in by becoming the manifestation of it yourself.

As long as you are circling around the question of how to get somewhere, of how to fill the void, as long as you see yourself separated from whatever you desire, as long as you focus on a gap between your current reality in the physical and your future reality in the physical you are reinforcing the gap, the void and neediness – again and again.

If you don’t remember that there IS NO gap – because you only always have the present moment – your whole life will be an uphill battle in the physical world. Good look gals and boys.

The only way to bypass this is through the energetic realm.

Don’t let your ego do the job. Because how could it ever.

It’s your higher self that leads you through.

It’s you(r), soul !

(You don’t have a soul, you ARE a soul – in my world)

You(r) soul is the true creator.

And always has been.

You are always connected with the divine spirit.

You are coming from the Divine.

You are part of the Divine.

You created the Divine.

And you were created by the Divine

There is no separation – and never has been.

On this level.

(Peplace Divine with whatever is fine for you)

In the beginning I wrote:

You create the world you want to live in

by becoming the manifestation of it yourself.

You are still thinking about the how?

I tell you seomething….

By BE-coming the WORD.

You purposfully (!) THINK yourself into it.

What means you need to choose, first,

what world you want to live into.

You claim it. You speak, you write it down into all details

you can see inside of you. Decide that it’s done.

And then you BE-come the word.

Start to THINK intentionally,

you’re feelings will follow

and then act accordingly.

In other words…. then do the damn work, babe.

Like a mofo purposful hustler.

The work that is fully aligned.

„In principio erat Verbum

et Verbum erat apud Deum

et Deus erat Verbum“ John, 1

You don’t need to be Christian to get the essence.

You don’t need to be religious at all.

I don’t mind.

But if you don’t understand yourself as the spiritual being you are

you’re def. in the wrong place here.

Do you understand how lucky you are as a creator, as an artist.

Every soul creates her world.

But artists of any kind are the lucky ones

who need to do artwork as a part of their natural being.

So you speak, you write, you sing, you play, you draw, you paint, you act …

you CREATE yourself into everything you can see for yourself (and sometimes for others)

Got it?


Don’t panic if not,

some things take their time.

Don’t forget,

this life is too short to be boring!