I am enough | Christina Baier

Thinking you’re not enough is like you telling God he/she has done a shitty job in creating you.  I mean… really? Do you think the divine spirit failed? 

I don’t believe this. I don’t think it’s even possible. I am certain that every soul was created coming from a place of pure love and abundance.

It’s the human fear mind that is messing it up.

Don’t allow neither yourself nor other people to blame you for ’not enoughness‘. (Is this a proper English word?  Not sure.  But I think you get my point here)

Can you imagine what happens when we create on a daily base coming from a place of not being – and/or having not – enough instead of coming from the same place of unconditional love, acceptance and pure joy we were made of? 
Of course you can. Just look around. 
It’s happening all day, everyday. 
We as human beings create a reality full of scarecity, pain, struggle tbc. Even if this is exactly what we are trying to avoid.

Don’t tap into that trap any longer.
Whatever your soul truly desires and requires… You can absolutely have it. It’s all existing as a possibilty in the energetic realm. (Therefore you can see/feel it). You want to impact millions, make millions, leave a legacy behind you, be fame AF and save the world… ? Why not? If this is what is aligned for you… You can live it. Have it. As soon as you vibe on this frequency. As soon as you stop focusing on the current gap between your outer and inner reality.

Love, freedom, prosperity, impact, faith tbc is nothing you achieve but a place to come from.

So first of all and most important: Stop buying into the stories of you not being (xyz-) enough. Be it your own inner critic or other people who try to cuff you with this shit talk.

Remember it’s like telling the Divine failing in creating you.

Todays message is coming right after swiming to you. #wethairdontcare Or should I better say wet shirt dont care? 
It is what it is. I won’t do another pic. ‚Cause enoughness ya know.

Take a lipstick and write it down on every mirrow in your house: „I am enough“. That’s what I did some years ago. And I’m like everybody else: #workinprogress