Never adjust the path. Adjust the goal. | Christina Baier

Let’s jump into this headfirst: I never adjust the path. I adjust the goal. This may sound counterproductive. Especially if you see it in the context of the belief “You can have it all”. To fully understand let’s take a step back.

Most people are setting goals – more or less properly. They define milestones, a time frame, the outcome, the to dos. They design a plan to achieve what they want. (Or at least sth that they want to want. But that’s another story to talk about). They check in from time to time to see if they are still on the right path to reach the goal. And then they adjust the steps, the strategy. That’s the way most people teach you. Right? But if you are living your life inside out – or you want to live it this way – this doesnt work well. Because living from the inside out means a complete paradigm shift. In my world it does not mean to dig deep, deep, oh so deep to eventually, hopefully grab your goals from the depth of your soul. Then throw it into the future and looking desperatly for the “how to get there”. It means returning to the source itself, opening the gates and letting it all pour out from and through soul. Like a golden stream of the most powerful & magic essence of everything you ARE.  And this my love is the path you are so desperatly looking for. It’s YOUR path. Made of pure love and filled with magic. Carrying you through life. The only thing you need to do is to stop dancing on the edges of life, the edges of the cliff where not only you’re feets but your heart is bleeting all the time, so that you need to numb the pain over and over again with anything your ego requires…and dare to fully immerse.  If only you knew that you are save there; that you can breath like a fish in the water the moment you dive into it. If only you knew that this is your element to live in. If only you knew that the moment you indulge yourself…. the moment you surrender to this stream you BECOME it.

So yes… I do have goals bc it’s fun to have them. And I do check in from time to time to see if they are still aligned. If in doubt I adjust the goal but I never sacrifice my path. What do you get from this?
Let me know!