No gurus - just humans | Christina Baier

Sometimes people ask me if I NEVER get tired, NEVER loose my shit, NEVER want to give up? Oh, yes, I do, and sometimes I want to give up and can’t see the damn point in all of this. Like everybody else. #nogurusjusthumans

I remember one week in Croatia…. I flipped back and forth between super flow and creepy flashbacks / being tired like hell.

A very intensive coaching program which I joined at this time had knocked me down quite a bit.

But in a good way. 
Because… if you really dig deep things can change fast AF.

So this week I stayed in the process and only followed my intuition. And as always… when you upgrade old skills get new depth. To many of my clients I got extremely clear images during our 1:1 sessions. Weird? Only at the beginning. But very helpful because their progress was accelerating.

Somewhere in the middle of the week in the afternoon I got such an attack of being super tired. You know, right? A “Bitch let me sleep for the next 100 years” kind of attack.

Anyway I drove to Zadar because I wanted to free my mind. And sleeping during the day is nothing I would ever do unless I am ill. So while walking around I wondered why the hell I work with people.

You know… that one! Don’t forget I am an outgoing introvert. Are you with me? I mean… I really love to be around people. AND I need a lot of space for me, myself and I. Like a f**king lot.
I am the one – to be super honest – who will never get mad with you if you cancel an appointmentNo matter how much I love spending time with you. Because this means extra time for me, doing some writing, creating shit and things like this.

I only wanted to rest and recharge… while my thinking didn’t stop: “You wanted to go live. Find a place where you can do it. And the same time I only felt “F**k YOU ALL. I want to do NOTING. As if “you all” would expect me to go live! lol
And all of a sudden I crossed a little old paths. Dunno. I’ve never noticed it in 15 years before.

And the very same moment I was in absolute peace. Just alleys. Not a single person. Ancient houses. Old facades without a core. In between there were renovated houses with great backyards. And a very special atmosphere.

And I wasn’t tired at all that minute. Shifts can happen that fast! I pulled my mobile out of my pocket to post quickly something to my Insta story and there you have it: no net at all. Exactly what I desired. “Quiet. F**k you all”. Thank you Universe!

And then I took pictures. Leaning against ancient facades listening to their stories…
At some point I turned around the next corner and suddenly knew where I was.
Walking towards one of my favourite places (a small park with a little chapel) recognizing … a small hotel recently opened … an old house. Overgrown terrace. Antique combined with art. Sea view.

It dragged me in magically and suddenly I knew this was the perfect place for one of my next retreats. For only a few participants. Deep work. Summer time. Soul shifts. And all of the shenaningans

So I was sitting in the courtyard of the hotel. Drinking a cappuccino, journaling a little bit and smiling like an idiot.

Shifts happen. So freaking fast.

If…you’ve learned to trust…to surrender…and to fully rely on your intuition.

And while I put the pen aside to drink the last of the cappuccino, I notice that in the background a super cool jazz version of “Let it be” is playing quietly.

It’s like a damn daily soap. Unbelievable.

Living a life by design.
Moment by moment.
Life is always with you.
It happens FOR you.
Never TO you.
If you’re expecting it
like this.
If you remember
who you are.
And always have been.
And who you need to BEcome
to live your purpose.
Simply being YOU.
No more.
And damn it –
by no means
never ever
anything less!

Don’t forget,

Life is too short to be boring!