The fears we don’t face become our limits. | Christina Baier

They say that the fears we don’t face become our limits. With that in mind I created an account on Smule a while ago. I was terrified thinking to make a fool of myself but challenging myself, for me as a coach is enough to make it worth my while.⠀

What you may not know about me is that I started taking piano lessons at the age of 5 and followed through for 12 years but I never really learned to sing. Though I sang a lot as a child and teen. I am catholic and went to a catholic school. Guess what? Yeah, that meant worship every week. ⠀

When I finished school I stopped going to church and as a consequence also singing.⠀

What recently came to my mind: I didn’t do my “homework” between two piano lessons when I was older. I played a lot. Music I loved. But I didn’t do the exercieses I should to improve my technique. And I didn’t like the compositions my teacher wanted me to learn. But she kept insisting. And I kept boycotting. And my parents kept smiling. And let me do my thing. ⠀

Usually I practised an hour before the next lesson 🙂 Well, doing so was not the way to mastery. When it comes to technique etc. But it tackled my skill of sight-reading and quickly grasping the music with just a short preparation time. ⠀

What I learned for life was an attitude of simply showing up wether I feel ready or prepared or good enough – or not. Trusting that there is a kind of creative, divine spirit that kicks when you follow soul. ⠀

Don`t get me wrong. That’s no advice for not doing the work ;)⠀
It’s a reminder that there is no other way to unleash your full potential than always following soul. ⠀

Sometimes it means to practise over and over again. Sometimes it means to do the opposite of something “you should do”. Sometimes it means to hold on. Sometimes it means to let go. ⠀

Becoming a successful artist (whatever this means for you) requires faith. ⠀
Whatever you are dreaming of.⠀
If you can see it, you can have it. ⠀
But never forget – there is no how!⠀
There is only ONE way -⠀
and its yours.⠀
Even if it scares you AF sometimes. ⠀

I’m sure there’s something out there that scares you! Decide today to DO it and share your fav. emoji below! As a commitment.