The moment when great things happen | Christina Baier

At certain junctures in the course of existence, unique moments occur when everyone and everything, even the most distant stars, combine to bring about something that could not have happened before and will never happen again. Few people know how to take advantage of these critical moments, unfortunately, and they often pass unnoticed. When someone does recognize them, however, great things happen in the world

 ~ quote Michael Ende; book Momo

Momo is for sure one of my all time favourite books (since I was a child) and I’m sure it’s the reason why I work as a coach today. 🧡 I was so fascinated by this girls extraordinary ability to listen and she reminded me of who I am. And always have been. „Those who still think that listening isn’t an art should see if they can do it half as well.“ Yes, that’s another quote from the book. 🥰 If you have never read it – go do this. It’s full of magic, wisdom and inspiration. „Momo“ is about the concept of time and how it is used by humans in modern societies – and so much more.

You also find the old movie on YouTube (in German and also English). It’s worth it! Not only because you can also enjoy the amazing music from @angelobranduardi Never forgot esp. ‚La Canzone di Momo‘ until today (you can hear it in my Story today 🎶) –

What is one of your all time favourite 📚 ?
I I would be so happy if you share it with me down below 🙏🧡.

P.S. This wild turtle is living in our garden since last year. One day she showed up. And stayed. Yes, I named her Kasiopeia. Duh! 😊. *** I guess I need to label this post as an unpaid ad 🤷‍♀️ ***