There is a distinction... | Christina Baier

There is a distinction between an audience and a tribe. So before you try to build your ‘online community’ you need to know what you want to make it all about.⠀

It’s easy to grow an audience. Fast.⠀
If you follow some social media strategies and hacks. But that’s like fast food. Or like having only one night stands 🤷‍♀️😅 Nothing wrong with both. But you won’t build your whole life on that, right?⠀

If you make it all about connecting with people, communication and giving value you can call in your tribe. Those who resonate on a soul level with you and your art, your message. And often times with each other as well!⠀

Yes, it takes time. You need to invest yourself, your presence, your 🧡. You dedicate your art, your energy, your message to those who need it to see, hear, read.⠀

This is how I do it: 🧡I know exactly those who read my posts, who comment, who like, who follow my stories. I have a look at them. I look at their content. I check in. I would never let one of my assistants answer my DM and I never ignore comments or DM. If so it’s by accident. Yes, it’s more tricky with a bigger tribe. The struggle is real 🤣 But it’s doable. And it’s what I am here for. And I highly recommand to do the same! No matter how fame you are or become. 🧡I feel those who don’t follow actively. And I hold the space for them also. Please never be sad or annoyed if you get little response. Know that a lot of ppl follow your content in silence. They have reasons to do so. Sometimes stories they tell themselves. And often times there is this one day when the open up and reach out to you. You can feel them energetically. Because they are there. Give it a try. And continue to call them in. 🧡I am here for you AND I NEVER create anything FOR you. I always follow the flow. I only do what lights me up. I let the message be the message. And I never play a role so you might like me more. Note: it’s the best filter and the only way your soul tribe can find you!⠀

What else? “Soul Signature Branding” is coming soon. My most requested course ever. For the first time in English 🥰 Stay tuned for more Infos! ⠀
Don’t forget⠀

Life is too short to be boring! 🔥⠀

Much love ❤