There is always something... | Christina Baier
Even in the darkest or most confusing moments of your life there is SOMETHING that is clear. SOMETHING that you can do. SOMETHING that you can count on. Go and find these ‘something-s’ And yes…sometimes the only thing you can do is “to breath”. That’s totally fine. It’s not ‘nothing’ Especially as a leader, as a messenger, as an artist: Whatever you are going through it’s always something to teach and share later. If everything feels pointless keep this in mind. In the meantime… don’t entertain your mindf$%& No matter how serious and real it seems. It’s just TOUGHTS. They often times lead you nowhere but into your own drama. Never forget: Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. And if nobody told you today: You are an amazing human being. You got this. And I love you. 🧡