What you can learn from Antun Boris Svaljek | Christina Baier

Next week I’ll find myself getting from Germany to Croatia again via crowded airports, joining a probably delayed 🛫. But it’ll all be worth it when I catch up again with friends and family there. Living in two countries means a lot of hello & good bye during the year :)⠀

What I love the most about Social Media is the opportunity it brings to connect and collaborate with the most amazing humans all around the globe. Soulful creators who dedicate their life to pursuing their purpose, their art, their values, their vision. ⠀

And while the Internet supports us in finding each other and building relationships big time ways of like-minded humans still cross each other offline. At least if we live purposefully, pursue supportive connection and don’t feel the need to compete with others.⠀

What brings me to Antun Boris Švaljek. An amazing croatian artist with more than 100 solo exhibitions and more than 700 group exhibitions. He was also exhibited at a large number of Croatian selections (in about 50 capitals worldwide) He is also a professor at the University of Mostar.⠀

I am a lucky one bc during the summer he and Helga (his lovely old Boxer lady 🐕) spend time creating in his atelier in Zadar. Next to our house. So he is busy doing his art he takes time for connecting, talking and enjoy life’s moments. Last time I asked him what he thinks is most critical for artists. What is his best advice for his students? And he said it’s “studying great artists, finding inspiration in every little thing and especially taking time and space to develop your own style. YOUR signature. From inside out! Be inspired by others but never compare yourself & your artwork.” ⠀

Great one, isnt it? Something you can’t stress often enough. Art is no competition. And so isnt life ❤⠀
A great reminder not to fall down the rabbit hole of comparison and competition. It always ends up in thoughts of “not-enoughness.⠀

P.S. Soul Signature Branding is coming! An online course where I guide you through videos, audios and worksheets that will show you how to create your signature personal brand. We also will dive into the mindset practises which will have you stepping out into the spotlight.