Why you need to watch your thoughts | Christina Baier

Watch your thoughts. It’s critical.⠀
As humans we don’t experience our environment, conditions or what’s happening. Everything that happens in our life is pretty meaningless. Yeah! I know. That’s a tough one. But stay with me a little longer.⠀

In fact we experience our thoughts about whatever is happening. Our thoughts causes everything we’re feeling. It’s our brain and our body that create our state of mind. Nothing else.⠀ ⠀
Yeah, life happens. To all of us. And it is real. Feels real. What happens is as real as the chair you are sitting on. But neither the chair nor what’s happening affects your emotions. ⠀
It’s like Tofu. No taste at all until you do something with it. 🤣 ⠀
And this is… adding some thoughts to the Tofu. So to speak. And depending on the quality of thoughts this can end up very delicious or pretty disgusting. ⠀

What you also should consider (and always remember): You are not your thoughts. You have thoughts. A thought can never become your entire being, personality, identity. Therefore you can’t really “BE scared”, “BE depressed”.⠀

It’s a misunderstanding that we are “being xyz” if we are thinking or feeling (!) xyz. Sth happens. We think sth about it. Then we feel sth. Then we act based on that. But we are not the thought, not the emotion.⠀

This sounds obvious but we often forget. Esp if we are in firefighter mode, stuggling and swamping, stressing out.⠀


🌠 Distance yourself: Notice your thoughts. Observe them. If you see a train leaving the station you are for sure not sitting in the train :)⠀

🌠 You don’t need to do anything. Just don’t be attached. Don’t enter the train (of thoughts) again.⠀

🌠 Whatever you think… instead of freaking out (again) try something new. Something like : “Wow, that’s an interesting thought 😁” It’s a propper reaction to almost everything. ⠀

You are a creator. You can’t create as long as you are freaking out. Keep this in mind. And save this post for later in case you need it ❤⠀

P.S. Do you see the hand on a table in the left side of todays pic? It belongs to a famous croatian artist. He is one of our neighbours in Zadar. In tomorrows post you will get to know him better.